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To All the Dressers I’ve Loved Before

I've spent hours this summer going through old All Mimsy Home blog posts, editing and updating photos that did not transfer well from Blogspot to Wordpress, and learning new information about optimizing my presence in the blogosphere utilizing social media and other means.  I know, I know...I should ...

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Cheap Bookshelves Hack

After typing this post title, I googled the definition of "hack" and found everything from "an untalented professional" to "a cough" to "an unlicensed taxicab driver."  And of course the more obvious: "A rough cut or blow."  Finally, after scrolling way, way down (that's for you Shelli :)) I found ...

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Amaya’s Room Makeover

Amaya's room is finally finished enough to post a few pictures.  There is more I'd like to do in this space,  but with school in session and weeks flying by, I thought I would post what we've accomplished so far, with more updates later. Amaya really wanted hot pink bedding, but to keep ...

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Alice in Wonderland

I'm so close to finishing my latest piece and am eager to reveal the whole thing, but it's missing a detail up top that's rather important.  Trouble is, I've been waiting for Mr. Wonderful to help me with a compound angle cut because I'm too intimidated to try it on my own.His schedule's been ...

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My Own Chalk Paint?

It's late and I'm headed to bed, but I had to share with you a quick glimpse of the project I tackled tonight using my own homemade chalk paint.If this stuff is as good as it seems tonight, I could get very, VERY excited.Here's the piece I'm working on:After removing all the hardware, washing it ...

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Oatmeal & French Roast, Please

Why is naming things after food such a comforting delight?I finished painting a French Provencal dresser last week.  When the time came to describe it online, I discovered that serving up a little Oatmeal for the body and French Roast for the top elevated this dresser from simply pretty to a warm ...

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That’s Just Beachy

Do ya ever have one of those projects that quite simply gives you fits at every turn?I just finished one of those.  And in spite of all the things that seemed to keep going wrong, as I take a moment to reflect on the process, I can't help but appreciate the story this dresser could tell.Which ...

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Favorite Green & Apologies

PART ONEI've come to the conclusion I'm not a very good blogger.  I don't post consistently.Sometimes I don't respond when others graciously visit my blog and leave supportive, kind comments.I throw ideas around, but then don't always follow through in a later post.And I'm sorry.See, when I first ...

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Two Nightstands

My husband's folks boarded a plane this morning back to Middleton, ID, after a week-long visit to Alaska.  What a special time.  While here, my father-in-love helped Mr. Wonderful install a new pump to our hot water heater which brings almost-instant hot water.  We've lived in our house for two ...

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