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Lessons From My First Wallpapering

If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen glimpses of our newly wallpapered powder room. My goal last week was to finish styling this space so I could transition to other projects in good conscience. On any given day, my mind entertains a myriad of creative ideas and beckons me to numerous ...

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So I Bought this Couch

One huge risk of re-purposing is that sometimes you come across deals that are best left behind. Or perhaps not, because MAYBE...with enough paint and some pretty fabric and enough time.... (and there, once again, you're HOOKED on a deal that should be left behind because re-purposing is simply ...

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Studio Updates

The Studio is coming along and today I wanted to share more updates with you.  Fireman and I were chuckling over our lunch break (me more so than him, I'm afraid) that when you observe room transformations online and on tv, the time frame from the Before to the After always seems to go so quickly. ...

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Painting Kitchen Cabinets: More Details

One of the most daunting projects on my Sixteen Days of Getting my House in Order was painting the kitchen cabinets.  I finished this week-long project early to mid October, so we've been living with white cabinetry for six weeks now. My overall six-week-in evaluation?  I cannot believe the ...

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DIY Rustic Shelves

This home project was amazingly simple. Usually when I have an idea, Fireman tells me to schedule double the time I think it will take. We were both pleasantly surprised when building our Rustic Shelves took less time than we thought.     Aren't they pretty....yet ...

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Locker Styling

Have you ever noticed the magazine photos of mudrooms and kid-friendly lockers usually look something like this?   Pottery Barn Beautiful baskets, fresh greenery, loads of oversized pillows, eye-catching accessories... ....and always a color-coordinated scarf or handbag ...

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Living Room Thoughts

One of the things I loved about the book "Unbroken" was a relatively insignificant paragraph on page 167 describing Louis Zamperini's observations while at sea (emphases purely my own):Louie found that the raft offered an unlikely intellectual refuge.  He had never recognized how noisy the civilized ...

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Laundry Room Therapy

It's the day after Thanksgiving and my beloved sister asks, "Would you like me to keep the kids for the day so you can be home alone?  Clean your house?  Catch up on a few things?"   I think I started to cry. Right before I laughed out loud.   And then I became so excited ...

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A Little Dresser

I finished a little dresser this morning.   Light and unassuming, this piece didn't have a lot of carvings, turned legs, or molding, so I embellished the drawers with painted ceramic knobs from Hobby Lobby...   ...then stripped and stained the top to resemble old ...

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The One That Didn’t Get Away

Every now and then, a woman just needs a good furniture makeover.  This dresser is one of them.Right away I need to clarify that, so far, this one isn't for sale, simply because....well....I'm not ready to let it go yet.From the wavy drawer fronts to the scrolled pulls, not to mention the stripes ...

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