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Recovering an Upholstered Barstool Seat

You know you're not keeping all the balls in the air when your upholstered barstool seats are in this condition. But in my defense, at times I actively choose to *bomb* simple things like recovering a barstool seat so I can pursue alternative endeavors in my life which pay greater dividends ...

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Snack Hutch Makeover

Around our house, back-to-school means a return to scheduled bedtimes, intentional meal planning, and time-saving systems to make our morning routine flow smoothly. I am ALL about smooth mornings around here. Here's what I believe: No one should leave the house in the morning feeling stressed, ...

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Back to Basics: Our Three Family Rules

I'd like to say I am writing this post from a place of parental inspiration and accomplishment, but quite the opposite is true. Last week was rough in the Coon household. Rough as in pushing boundaries, eye rolling, unkind words, laziness, selfish ambition. You know, all those qualities that ...

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Lessons I’ve Learned About Blogging and Home

I've been picking away at this blog for over five years now.  It began with dreams of beautiful home photos, helpful DIY tutorials, and a longing to be included in a community of like-minded bloggers whom I respect and admire. In actuality, my blogging road has been somewhat lonely. I've ...

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My plan today was to post about the metal stand Mr. Wonderful made a few days ago.Just one thing: some days don't go according to plan.Just after twelve o'clock today, we received a phone call from a lady we didn't know.  She was so sorry, her car had just hit a dog on the road by our house.  Our ...

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A Walk on the Healthy Side

This blog was conceived from my love of furniture refinishing, decorating, and all things design.Oh, don't misunderstand me.  I still love those things...!  I can get downright giddy were you to come over this afternoon and talk furniture over a latte with me.  Matter of fact, whatcha doin' around ...

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Saltdough Starfish & Glass Knobs

LOVIN' Christmas break, ya'll. Delicious sleeping in, morning coffee by the fire, working alongside Mr. Wonderful as we tackle house projects together, long snuggles with my kids, and spending yesterday afternoon with these precious ladies: The two on the right and left are my sisters, and my ...

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Let’s Hear it for School!

I just tucked three amazing kids into bed on this last night of summer vacation. Tomorrow night will be the first school night of the new year. But my goodness, we are READY: Let's see, 3 boxes of 24 count crayons, 2 boxes 48 count pencils, 3 Fiskars scissors, 14 glue sticks, 5 composition ...

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