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Painted Gold & White Metal Desk

This little jewel has quite the story.

Discarded at a local dump as a rusty, unattractive, past-her-prime heap of metal, a friend of mine saw her last fall and thought of me.

What this friend didn’t know was that her text that day was an answer to a prayer.

A prayer I had specifically prayed asking God for the umpteenth time if pursuing this business was really His plan for me, was really the path I was supposed to pursue full-time.

My friend’s kind text said only these words: “I just saw this desk and thought of you.” and “It’s here right now!”

But what her words REALLY said were: “I see you. I know you. And this is why I designed you.”

It took a few months to narrow down exactly how I would breathe new life into her, and she sat in our shop patiently waiting.

But I knew all along she would be gold.

You see, gold is the color for a princess, and every now and then we have one of those days when He reminds us who we are.

Thank you, dear friend, for being my reminder last fall.


Note: For another fun desk makeover, see the Union Jack desk I painted for my son’s room with a little help from my blonde-headed sweetie.

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  1. Linda says

    I am reading your “All Mimsy Home”. You are truly inspirational and talented many times over!
    I am enjoying every moment of it, actually hearing your voice as I read.
    Love you always, Mama “C”

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