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Design Services

What would it take to create a home you absolutely love?

A brighter rug? Softer sofa? Functional window treatments?

Or does the very question make your head spin and your pulse rate quicken because you don’t even know where to START?

All Mimsy Home Design Services may be the perfect solution.

Our mission is to inspire and empower homeowners in the design and creation of beautiful spaces. Spaces that reflect Your heart, Your style, and Your story.

It’s what we do.

We understand how intimidating interior design can be. We also get that design decisions can piggy back on one another causing real FEAR that if you make ONE bad decision, all other decision are affected in a negative way.

But here’s the thing: Interior Design is about Your family, Your story, Your style.

There is no wrong.

We eliminate the intimidation of interior design by coming alongside you to provide one-on-one consultation, shopping and vendor resources, and designing tools for transforming those spaces you call home into rooms you absolutely love.

In fact, below are a few beautiful rooms we designed for clients, everything from kitchens to bathrooms to bedrooms to living spaces.

Will yours be next?

Still not sure? Here is how our Design Services work:

  • You decide which design package best meets your needs.
  • You purchase a package and complete a questionnaire about your style and desires.
  • Together, we share and discuss inspiration pictures highlighting the direction you want the space to go. (Some design packages also include home visits.)
  • Based on our consultations and the above information, we create a Design Board complete with a Vendor/Shopping guide to focus your style & buying options, and also help you visualize your new space.
  • Our support continues as you work to implement your new home design plan!

We so excited to work with you and to help you create a home you absolutely love.

Are you inspired?

Are you ready to make your home a dream come true?

Click below to start the journey toward your new home.

Oh, and by the way?

We can’t wait to meet you.

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