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My plan today was to post about the metal stand Mr. Wonderful made a few days ago.Just one thing: some days don't go according to plan.Just after twelve o'clock today, we received a phone call from a lady we didn't know.  She was so sorry, her car had just hit a dog on the road by our house.  Our ...

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Burlap Bulletin Take #2

  It's amazing what a whispered prayer can do ~ I sat down today to post pictures of my Burlap Bulletin board project and all my pictures uploaded, no server error at all.  I'm thankful because I really wanted to show how simple this is. First, I started with a cheapy storebought bulletin board with ...

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A Bit of Burlap

I worked on this little burlap bulletin board project for our school room Saturday afternoon.  So many times when I conquer ideas like this, I basically achieve the look, yet inevitably end up sacrificing function.  Can you relate?You have this great idea, then you love how it turns out, but you ...

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Alice in Wonderland Hutch

I'm so close to finishing my latest piece and am eager to reveal the whole thing, but it's missing a detail up top that's rather important.  Trouble is, I've been waiting for Mr. Wonderful to help me with a compound angle cut because I'm too intimidated to try it on my own. His schedule's been ...

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