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Dining Room Chair Slipcovers

I'm so excited to have finished my first slipcovers!  Granted, they weren't extremely difficult, but their creation is a new chapter for me. Would you like to see?     My plan was to paint only the two armed dining chairs at the ends of our table.  Remember how they looked ...

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Union Jack Desk ~ Part 2

I finished the Union Jack desk in my oldest son's room, along with a chair to match.  You can see the Part 1 here.We are slowly "growing up" his room this summer and his desk received the first overhaul.  I've always wanted to do a Union Jack design and, because we planned to keep this desk in his ...

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Union Jack desk ~ Part 1

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!  Dear Lord, may we never forget the principles which founded this great nation.  And may we forever honor those ~ living and passed ~ who fight to defend our liberty and way of life.  We cannot say thank you enough.How fitting that I just happen to be working on some ...

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Turquoise Buffet and Dressers

I started this post a couple weeks ago to share a turquoise buffet I painted recently, but then we wrapped up homeschool, I headed to Minneapolis for a quick getaway with family, and never finished the post. First, a little back story:  A couple months ago, I sold a mustard-yellow dresser to a ...

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Dry-Brushing the Shutters

I found this pair of shutters for my living room at a second-hand store in town and knew they were perfect for the living room wall above our fireplace.The fact they started out red didn't deter me in the least.  Paint: it's what I do around here :)I decided to paint them a whitewashed gray, but ...

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Painted Shutters for Living Room

After sitting in our garage now for several weeks, a pair of newly painted shutters have found their rightful home on either side of the large, overpowering, room dominating tv in our living room. Yesterday, using creamy grosgrain ribbon, I hung two boxwood wreaths from our local Fred Meyer  over ...

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Painted Hutch in Sterling

Tuesday.  Who doesn't love a Tuesday?  No pressure, no expectation, just simply.....(deep breath).....Tuesday.What's not to love?I finished painting a very large hutch over the weekend and wanted to share the final results with you.  I love the combination of heavy distressing with sublime robin's ...

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Old World Dresser

I call this piece my Old World Dresser.     My eye is always drawn to unique pieces of furniture, particularly ones I know are hand-painted. Wisteria magazine, for me, is a heavenly walk down painted~furniture lane. I was recently inspired by this one, and this one.  ...

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Amaya’s Room Reveal

I read somewhere awhile back...maybe in House Beautiful magazine?.... that most people never finish the last 10% of a room.  The last 10% is the final details, the little ribbons and bows, the perfect colored vase, the right picture frame. I must admit I am truly guilty of this.  Guilty of ...

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From Our Home to Yours

Hello to all!  I know...I know...it's been quiet up here on the ridge lately so I thought I'd update you on some recent projects going on around here because boy, we are "gettin' 'er dun" these last couple weeks.  I don't know what the difference is this year compared to past summers.  Are we more ...

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