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Laundry Room Therapy

It’s the day after Thanksgiving and my beloved sister asks,

“Would you like me to keep the kids for the day so you can be home alone?  Clean your house?  Catch up on a few things?”


I think I started to cry.

Right before I laughed out loud.


And then I became so excited considering all the things I could accomplish given a whole, ENTIRE day….



You know.  All those practical, sensible things like ~

A) Clean my house (which is very therapeutic for me when I’m alone)
B) Catch up on paperwork
C) Plan homeschool lessons
D) Organize the pantry
E) Finish sanding the lockers Firefighter just built (I stole this husband-naming from author Ann Voskamp, who refers to her husband as Farmer.  I’m chuckling just thinking about the moment the hubby reads it in here.)
F) Write Christmas cards
G) Exercise


But I did none of these things.

Instead, as Emily Freeman so beautifully encourages, I found a place for my soul to breathe ~




And although it may not look like practical productivity to some…

It was exactly what this momma needed on Black Friday.

Reader Interactions


  1. Jody says

    Your laundry room is like a little haven. I adore it! I'm glad you had a day to let your soul breathe – you deserve it.

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