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Turquoise Buffet and Dressers

I started this post a couple weeks ago to share a turquoise buffet I painted recently, but then we wrapped up homeschool, I headed to Minneapolis for a quick getaway with family, and never finished the post.
First, a little back story:  A couple months ago, I sold a mustard-yellow dresser to a woman who asked if I’d be willing to paint her buffet-turned-tv-stand as well.  After sending me a few inspirational pictures of chipped, heavily-distressed turquoise pieces with stained tops, I went to work.
I snapped the following pictures in my garage right before she picked it up, so unfortunately I didn’t have time for a good photo shoot.  But hey, some days are like that.
Even in Australia.
I’m never certain what will happen when I strip and stain a piece of furniture.  I need not have worried on this one; the wood was absolutely gorgeous.  I wanted to keep touching it.

I also love how the paint looks chipped and old on the ends.

Although I don’t have a full Before picture, the piece was originally stained very dark.  Below is a picture after I stripped the top, but before I applied Minwax Early American stain. The body is painted Behr’s Teal Zeal, of course not distressed and waxed yet.

The owner opted to keep the original hardware.  I think it gives the piece a vintage vibe, don’t you?

Abby, I hope your new tv stand is everything you hoped it would be.  Thank you for trusting me to help refinish it for you.

Now that we’re finished homeschooling for the year, I’m relishing mornings in the garage painting my furniture stash.  Today I finished this tricycle-red dresser.  We’re finally getting some grass outside so Mr. Mimsy and I carried it out to the yard for a photo shoot.  (Notice our Mastiff, Silas, in the background?)

The knobs are from Hobby Lobby.  The glass ones worked perfectly on the top drawers.  Each drawer originally had four wooden knobs, and with the slatted design it wasn’t really an option to drill new holes in the center space, so I opted to leave all four holes.  These smaller-scale cuties are the perfect solution.



This dresser started out pretty basic; somehow I ended up with two of them.

Here’s a sneak peek of the red one’s sister, in process.  The stenciling is something new and fresh for me, but I like it so much I know I’ll be doing it again.

I’m also working on a gray and pink hutch that reminds me of the Restoration Hardware Baby line ~ LOVE.  The hutch is finished, but Mr. Mimsy fashioned a shelf to install in the closet portion today so I’m painting it to match the interior.  It should be finished tomorrow.

What a joy painting all these pieces this week.  It’s amazing what I get accomplished when I schedule uninterrupted time to work.

Blessings on your week ~


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