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Painted Hutch in Sterling

Tuesday.  Who doesn’t love a Tuesday?  No pressure, no expectation, just simply…..(deep breath)…..Tuesday.

What’s not to love?

I finished painting a very large hutch over the weekend and wanted to share the final results with you.  I love the combination of heavy distressing with sublime robin’s egg blue interior on this piece.

And of course a little glass knob sparkle.

I gathered several white serving pieces and vases from around my house to stage the inside for photos.

For the body, I painted one coat of Behr’s Sterling mixed as a home chalkpaint (1 1/2 cups paint, 1/2 cup Calcium Carbonate, 1/4-1/2 cup water).  Sterling is a very, very light gray that looks almost white but it’s not ~ because it’s gray.

Like a white with a past.  Scandalous.

I found this piece on Craigslist and snapped this Before picture after I’d removed the original hardware.  You’re not missing anything there: Chunky, clunky and 70’s is all I have to say about that.  I will not be keeping it for future projects.

Here’s a photo of one coat of paint before any distressing.  Note: I do not prime when I paint with chalkpaint; the adherence is that good.

When it came time to distress this piece, I wanted to be pretty heavy-handed, so only needing to distress through one coat of paint helped achieve that look with little effort.  I sanded all the corners, edges and detailing with a medium-grade sanding block, which also serves to buff and give a very smooth finish to the newly painted surface.

The interior received two coats of Behr’s Windwood Spring, also mixed as a chalkpaint.  I did not distress the interior as I wanted to it to look fresh and new.   I like the unexpected contrast.
I finished the interior with one coat of Minwax Polyurethane, applying with a brush in a very thin coat to avoid drips and runs.  This product tends to be very stinky and can take a couple hours to dry, but it provides a very durable, smooth finish I’ve learned to trust.

Finally, using my new-fangled, official Miss Mustard Seed waxing brush (why did I not get one of these sooner??)…

I waxed the entire body of the exterior with Minwax Furniture Wax in a very thin application, wiping off excess and lightly buffing as I went.

One word about the end result finish on this hutch: Velvet.

I keep walking by just to touch it.  And I’m not kidding.

We furniture painters may be crazy.  Maybe it’s good we spend a great deal of time alone.

This piece may already be sold to a client who purchased a desk and hutch from me last year, but if not, you will see it posted in the next day or two.

Happy Tuesday!


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  1. Jody says

    “Like a white with a past. Scandalous.” You crack me up! Also, Justin would say that any/all painters are crazy – its all those fumes. That being said, the hutch may be my favorite piece of yours to date. Fabulous work! Hmmm…I may need to buy myself a waxing brush now…

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