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Painted Shutters for Living Room

After sitting in our garage now for several weeks, a pair of newly painted shutters have found their rightful home on either side of the large, overpowering, room dominating tv in our living room.

Yesterday, using creamy grosgrain ribbon, I hung two boxwood wreaths from our local Fred Meyer  over the tops of the shutters, adding a touch of spring to a very spring-ready Alaskan family.

Painting this wall was one of my first projects when we moved into our house almost five years ago.  Although Benjamin Moore’s Bonewhite has stayed the same, I repainted the back of the shelves from the original Farrow and Ball’s Green Blue~

Farrow & Ball’s Green Blue

to Farrow and Ball’s Light Blue after coming to the conclusion that Green Blue just wasn’t soft enough. (Both colors look darker in this post than the really are.)

Farrow & Ball’s Light Blue

The decor on this wall has changed quite a bit as I’ve tried to figure out what works best.  Here are a few Before pics of the evolution of both the wall and our living room space.

In this picture, the shelves are still painted Green Blue, and we don”t have our tv yet.

In this picture, we don’t have our two Kensington sofas yet, so this room was a mishmash of pieces I intended to paint, reupholster, or sell.
The leather sofa (and its matching loveseat) are now downstairs in our family room.
Although the Cream and Blue combination remained consistent, I’ve painted the clock three times, rotated through plates, mirrors, and picture frames on either side of the “tv” space, and changed out dishes more than once. 
Another consistent are the baskets we chose for holding video game components, dvd’s, and old vhs tapes (yes, we still have a few of those!).  With perfect dimensions, almost as if they were measured and personally designed for these spaces, I’m certain they have found their permanent home.
Plus, I love the quality, strength, and authentic look of these baskets.  This collection is still available at Michael’s.

In case you haven’t realized , decorating is kinda my hobby around here:)  It makes my little light shine on most days.  But as for this wall?
I think I’m finally done.
~ Of course, I may not be DONE, done.  Possibly not DONE, per se.  Really, is anyone ever actually DONE decorating?  Actually??
But for all intents and purposes, I’m hanging a DONE sign on this living room wall and moving onto other things.
And tomorrow I’ll share the technique I used to paint these shutters, which were originally red.  Can you see the little bits of red poking through along the edges?  Which happen to mimic the reddish wood tones in my floor? 
Almost as if it was planned that way!
~ Jaimee

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