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Union Jack desk ~ Part 1

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!  Dear Lord, may we never forget the principles which founded this great nation.  And may we forever honor those ~ living and passed ~ who fight to defend our liberty and way of life.  We cannot say thank you enough.

How fitting that I just happen to be working on some red, white and blue today.  Although this design is undoubtedly British, the colors are truly American…and those three colors together always bring a swell of emotion to my chest.

I’ve wanted to paint a Union Jack piece for a long time now and was delighted when, after a recent decorating brainstorm with my son Gabriel, he agreed his desktop would be the perfect place.  (We are redoing his room slowly but surely.)

Wherever would I be without this little helper of mine?  We painted the entire top Sherwin Williams Stolen Kiss first,

…then taped off the lines roughly following this tutorial. Although Meg recommends painting the entire surface blue first, of course I resorted to her tutorial after already diving in on my own.  I think Meg was probably right on this.

I used Sherwin Williams Creamy for the white portions and Behr’s Midnight Blue for the blue.  The original desk color is Sherwin Williams Restful.

I still need to distress the top and apply dark wax to give it some age, but I wanted to share the progress with you while we’re celebrating red, white and blue today. 

From the Mountains,
To the Prairies,
To the Oceans, white with Foam…
God Bless America!
My Home, Sweet Home.
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