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Oatmeal & French Roast Provencal Dresser

Why is naming things after food such a comforting delight?

I finished painting a French Provencal dresser last week.  When the time came to describe it online, I discovered that serving up a little Oatmeal for the body and French Roast for the top elevated this dresser from simply pretty to a warm mix of comfortable and yummy. 

Would you agree?

Because the top was not solid wood but composite, I opted to paint it dark brown to mimic a stained top.  I was apprehensive because brown can often look cheap and, well, like you’re trying to mimic a stained top.

Which I was…. 🙂

The first brown I tried was too light, so I did the second coat in Behr’s French Roast (ha, see where I got the name?)  This time it was perfect:

I love how rich it turned out.  I sealed the top with 2 coats Minwax Polyurethane in Satin and the bottom with WipeOn poly.  Hardware is original.  The top sheen seems shinier than I expected, but I actually like how it turned out.  It makes the whole piece more classy.

These pictures are not the best because I was in a hurry to get out of town and go camping with the family, so I had my sturdy boys help me haul it outside to the back yard (the sun was at its brightest, the absolute worst time to take pictures) and I snapped a few shots, paying particular attention to shadows and glare. Not easy in blinding sunlight.

Oh well.  Some days are like that. 

Even in Fairbanks.

Here is what the original looked like:

And now, smothered in Oatmeal and French Roast:


This piece sold yesterday to a very charming couple decorating their master bedroom in a new house.  I wish them sweet dreams and hope they enjoy this dresser for many years to come.

I’m off to do more homeschool planning ~


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