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Favorite Green & Apologies


I’ve come to the conclusion I’m not a very good blogger. 

  • I don’t post consistently.
  • Sometimes I don’t respond when others graciously visit my blog and leave supportive, kind comments.
  • I throw ideas around, but then don’t always follow through in a later post.

And I’m sorry.

See, when I first discovered the DIY blogging world back in November of 2010, it quite literally changed my life. 

Shaunna was my first blogging hero.

Then came Marian.

Then Kate.  Then Layla.

Since these first few amazing ladies, I’ve discovered many wonderfully gifted and inspiring writers in the blogging community.

And I’ve discovered that one of my dreams is to be a more successful blogger.

But I’ve also really struggled this last year with what that means, what this technology-based version of myself should look like.

Everyone in blogland says to just be yourself, and I do believe that is important. 

But I’ve often recognized the temptation to make things sound or look better than they really are.  To hesitate to post because I’m going through a rough time and the thought of trying to sound inspired and happy and creative repels me.

Then there’s the reluctance to spend extra time on my computer connecting with another world when the one I’m in physically requires so much of me already.

I’m sure I join the ranks of many, many wives and moms out there making choices about nurturing others, pursuing work and/or passions, completing one’s daily tasks, and making time to enjoy the daily life God has given us.

So although I am not currently a very consistent, predictable, readily-present blogger in the online DIY community, I thoroughly enjoy blogging when I can.  I have dreams that perhaps one day when our schedule is more consistent, I will set specific times and days for pursuing this portion of my life.

Because that’s one thing about me that’s real: I definitely function best on a schedule.

But that time is certainly not right now, and I’m determined to be okay with that.


In the meantime, I’ve been living my wonderful family-filled life & embracing some pieces of furniture from my stash, trying to get a few painted and sold this month.  I finally got a little smarter and prepped three pieces at once.  How thankful I am to have the space to do so!  God knew what He was doing when He provided a way for us to buy our current home.

I wanted to show you this particularly pretty dresser I found earlier this summer at a garage sale.

Look at those turned legs!  In Fairbanks, Alaska?? 

I painted with Behr’s Asparagus for the body.  LOVE, LOVE this color green.  The top is stained Dark Walnut, and I think the contrast turned out stunning.  But the real wow factor of this dresser turned out to be the ornate drawer pulls.

The pulls were originally from the two nightstands I received from my friend Jody and painted turquoise. The pulls seemed a bit gaudy and I really didn’t think I’d use them again.

Until I put on the first coat of green. 

And knew immediately those pulls would be perfect.

This dresser was originally purchased in Korea and made its way to Fairbanks years later via a military family.  The parents are long gone, but the daughter has lived with it ever since.  Here’s what the original looked like, without the very tacky gold handles already removed:

The wood veneer along the bottom was pretty chipped, and Mr. Wonderful did a little repair on some wonky drawers:

…but with a good sanding, some thorough washing inside and out, it was a beautiful transformation.

I decided to leave this one unglazed and lightly distressed instead.

This dresser just sold to a lovely family in the process of redecorating the teenage daughter’s bedroom.  They promised to send pictures of the finished room, and I can’t wait to see what part this beautiful piece will play.


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  1. Margaret says

    The asparagus green is so sweet! I would not believe it wasn't the original finish. Great job!

    First time here, found you on MMS FFF!!!!

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