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Being A Woman

Embracing Fall

For those of you who know us, you also know our home is looking a bit different these days.       With the addition of two little nieces and a nephew, our home is sporting a lot of Hello Kitty, Legos, markers, and matchbox cars. But also a lot of laughter and ...

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When we're young, we strive to reach an ideal we've carried in our minds, an ideal which is a compilation of movie scenes, books we've read, families we've observed, truths we've learned, bits of life we've lived.   We may not be able to accurately define this ideal early on, but its ...

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The Best is Yet to Be~!

I just returned from a morning run and somehow wanted to capture the beauty, the peace, the inspiration His great outdoors can bring.  Such a gorgeous fall day~!   Words from a poem I couldn't quite recall kept playing through my mind as I prepared for this week....this season....this ...

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Book Page Wreath

When the music fades.........and all is stripped away......My soul often finds rest in creating. After hugging our last summer guests good-bye yesterday morning, I spent the day reconnecting with my home and allowing myself to wile away the hours with no real purpose or agenda. And as is so ...

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Moms & Master Bedroom

Sometimes I lay my head on the pillow at night and wonder where on earth the day went....how another day managed to pass with still so many things on my to-do list?I try to rationalize by reminding myself of the progress I have made ~ the little things I accomplished that day to be present, to be ...

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DIY Balance Beam

Recently we tackled the construction of a DIY Balance Beam for my daughter's 9th birthday.Purple, no less :)Following is a detailed step-by-step guide as to how we went about building it.  **Note: This project does involve cutting and welding steel.  If you have a husband who loves to build things, ...

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A Day to Dream

I'm having one of those mornings in bed with my coffee in one hand and my phone in the other, reading inspirational blog posts about coming alive, building a creative business, and transforming barns into office spaces.  And almost everything within me wants to grab my planning journal and a pen, ...

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Updates and Photography

I couldn't stand it another minute...I had to share my news with you: Today, I took a picture of a wall of windows.  And it was...... A SUCCESS. For those of you who don't shoot interior room shots very often, I realize this may be very un-exciting to you.  And I get that, I really ...

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School Days Begin

Gabriel, Isaac and Amaya ~Oh, how my heart overflows with love for you three.  Today began another year of homeschool, another season of Bible reading and memorization, Latin prefixes, cone and sphere volumes, multiplication tables, rises and falls of empires, synthesis of atoms and molecules, ...

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On Loving Others

We spent the afternoon at a funeral for an amazing woman. Her life seemingly touched each and every person she met.  Over and over and over, people testified of her love for others and her love for the Lord.  Grandma Gladys leaves behind quite a legacy of faithfulness, encouragement, and hope. As ...

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