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Book Page Wreath

When the music fades………and all is stripped away……My soul often finds rest in creating.

After hugging our last summer guests good-bye yesterday morning, I spent the day reconnecting with my home and allowing myself to wile away the hours with no real purpose or agenda.

And as is so often the case, my soul found rest with my hands as I attempted one of those lovely book page wreaths I’ve seen for several months now in blog-land.

There are numerous tutorials for these wreaths online.  I loosely followed THIS one.  My supplies included an old copy of The Complete Works of Shakespeare for my pages, a cardboard cutout (I used a box from the post office and traced around a mixing bowl to create the circle from which to cut), a glue gun, and a short piece of jute rope for the hanger.

After rolling each torn out page into a cone and hot-gluing the edge so it stayed rolled, I hot-glued each cone onto the cardboard ring.  I positioned the first four cones at North/South/East/West positions, then filled in from there.

After gluing on several cones, I remembered several tutorials which strongly recommended attaching a hanging device prior to gluing on cones.  Almost a whoops 🙂

I added a DIY dropcloth rose in the center to finish off my wreath. It loosely measures 17″ across and took about 30-45 minutes to create.

You can vary this wreath in many ways by adding more pages, cutting pages to vary width and dimension, etc. Just search Book Page Wreaths on Pinterest for inspiration.

Such a rewarding project to complete with supplies already on hand.  A perfect way to rest my soul yesterday.


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