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When we’re young, we strive to reach an ideal we’ve carried in our minds, an ideal which is a compilation of movie scenes, books we’ve read, families we’ve observed, truths we’ve learned, bits of life we’ve lived.


We may not be able to accurately define this ideal early on, but its power propels us forward.  As we progress through schooling and relationships, jobs and big purchases, travels and recreation, it dances just out of reach beyond our fingertips ~ always there, yet never quite in focus ~ never quite attainable.

Its drive is so very strong it carries us through excruciating tests, long hours on the job, heartache, moments of reprieve, and more striving.  It influences the clothes we purchase, the houses we buy, the activities we pursue, the way we parent your children, the way we spend money.  It drives our values, our choices, and our motivations.

It inspires us.  It gives us purpose.  It makes our lives MATTER.

And then slowly and quietly, in the faintest of whispers, something small begins to shift in our heart and our mind.  The cautious questioning of truths we’ve held close begins to press gently against our consciousness…politely at first, then increasingly more persistent…until one day we find ourselves scrutinizing validity with a determination that surprises us.

Surprises us because we’ve always been so certain, so confident, that we had that part of life FIGURED OUT.

But with the pondering, the questions, the Scripture-searching, and, most importantly, the willingness to hear, a still small voice begins to whisper a new truth.  A new IDEAL.  A different path.

A voice that compels us to think exceedingly and abundantly more than we’ve ever thought before.  Encourages and invites us to be transformed by the RENEWING of our minds.

And then, miracle of miracles………….WE ARE.


And the discoveries are so fresh, so present, so life-giving we desperately want to shout them from the high places so others, too, can learn….and know…..and be transformed.

But we don’t ~ at first ~ because in our transformation, we’ve learned another powerful truth: Renewal of the mind is a process, a JOURNEY, that cannot be obtained by merely listening to testimony.  It is a personal ENCOUNTER with One whose ways are above our ways, whose thoughts are above our thoughts.

Who invites us to travel with Him so He can show us great and mighty things which we DO NOT KNOW.


This ENCOUNTER will never be rushed.  Never be stressed.  Never be trivial.

Yet it is the most precious, life changing, ETERNAL encounter we will ever have.

And it is worth the waiting, worth the questioning, worth the spiritual groans within.  Because we recognize we are glimpsing a very small bit of what really matters.

And it is very, very good.


If it comes too quick, I may not recognize it.  
Is that the reason behind all this time and sand?  
If it comes too quick, I may not appreciate it.  
Is that the reason behind all this time and sand?
Painting Pictures of Egypt by Sarah Groves
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