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Updates and Photography

I couldn’t stand it another minute…I had to share my news with you:

Today, I took a picture of a wall of windows.  And it was……


For those of you who don’t shoot interior room shots very often, I realize this may be very un-exciting to you.  And I get that, I really do.

But for those of you who do: Either you, too, have finally taken the time to learn how to do it, or you simply avoid taking photographs which involve a sun-filled window during daylight hours (like I have done for way too long).

This last Christmas, my husband graciously purchased me an online photography course through ShootFlyShoot and I’ve been giddy to work through the video tutorials of this course.  Just last week I finally scheduled an afternoon during which I knew there would still be light outside (our sun still starts to set shortly after 4pm) and began to learn about ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed.

Oh my goodness, there’s still so much to learn!  But I took good notes so when I set out to practice what I’d learned, I could refer back to my notes often.

Baby steps…baby steps.  But I’m optimistic what these new skills will mean for me in the future, not only for my blog, but for future photos I will shoot of our family, our beautiful state, our vacations, our holidays, and our every day lives.

Speaking of every day, you may have noticed in my famous Wall of Windows photo (did I mention I took a photo of a sun-filled wall of windows?) that we recently added new blinds in our living room.  Love them!  They add a gorgeous amount of texture while echoing the wood-tones found on our living room floor. We found them at Lowe’s, a Levelor brand in Mahogany.

As for other updates around the house, I was inspired by a Truman Capote quote this morning and thought I’d spend my latte time sketching it on our newly painted chalkboard wall downstairs.



This downstairs family room space, which is our current work-in-process, includes an old salvaged-wood wall, deep leather sofas, moose antlers, a foosball table, fun photo collage ~
~ and now a meaningful quote on the family chalkboard wall, a piece of work I hope will stay awhile before another “artist” becomes inspired and replaces it with something new.
Which would be perfectly okay…because that is precisely why it’s there.
Blessings on your week!


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  1. Jody says

    I can't wait to see the finished product on that downstairs room! Good for you on the photo skills; its one of those things that is on my bucket list.

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