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Chalking it Up

Saturday afternoons are becoming my creative outlet time, and today was no exception.  After returning from an afternoon Christmas program rehearsal, I told the family I needed one hour to release a little stream of creative juice I'd been suppressing since early in the week. I even promised to ...

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I'm feeling somewhat nostalgic today.  Maybe I'm missing my little girl (she left this morning on a road trip with my mom and will be gone gasp four days).  Maybe my house is way too quiet.  Most likely, though, my being sick for almost an entire week has left me feeling emotionally vulnerable and ...

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Authenticity….or Not

Well, I missed day 9 and 10 of my 31-day posting challenge...but that's okay.  Life goes on around here, and most often it's the very joys of this life which keep me from my computer.  Which is perfectly fine by me ~ The line about life reminds me of one of many favorite Steel Magnolia quotes:  Life ...

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Cleaning a Little Girl’s Room

My goodness, I feel like I climbed Mt. McKinley today.Or am I supposed to call it Denali now?  See, I live in Alaska and still struggle with this.Either way, I've certainly accomplished great things in the span of one afternoon: Amaya and I cleaned her room.As mom to a darling little seven-year-old ...

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Homeschool Planner

Since Sunday afternoon is usually my day to brew myself a latte and plan our school lessons for the week, I thought I'd share with you the planner I'm currently using.My sister actually discovered this Debra Bell planner over the summer and, like sisters do when you find a good thing, you pass it ...

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31 Days & Fall

Shhhh....don't tell The Nester, but I'm attempting a secret "31 Days" without officially signing up to do so.You see, I'm a bit worried about committing to 31 days of daily posts since my blog's history documents anything but consistency.  For some reason, though, when I read The Nester's challenge ...

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Inevitably, A Wrinkle

Let me just preface the next three pictures with a few disclaimers. This was not Mr. Wonderful's fault. This may have been my fault. In light of recent, more successful projects around here the last several days, hitting a snag ~ or perhaps more accurately, wrinkle ~ was ...

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My plan today was to post about the metal stand Mr. Wonderful made a few days ago.Just one thing: some days don't go according to plan.Just after twelve o'clock today, we received a phone call from a lady we didn't know.  She was so sorry, her car had just hit a dog on the road by our house.  Our ...

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Burlap Bulletin Take #2

  It's amazing what a whispered prayer can do ~ I sat down today to post pictures of my Burlap Bulletin board project and all my pictures uploaded, no server error at all.  I'm thankful because I really wanted to show how simple this is. First, I started with a cheapy storebought bulletin board with ...

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A Bit of Burlap

I worked on this little burlap bulletin board project for our school room Saturday afternoon.  So many times when I conquer ideas like this, I basically achieve the look, yet inevitably end up sacrificing function.  Can you relate?You have this great idea, then you love how it turns out, but you ...

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