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Inevitably, A Wrinkle

Let me just preface the next three pictures with a few disclaimers.

  • This was not Mr. Wonderful’s fault.
  • This may have been my fault.
  • In light of recent, more successful projects around here the last several days, hitting a snag ~ or perhaps more accurately, wrinkle ~ was inevitable.




See that wrinkled end that won’t stick down and is covered underneath and on top with Mod-Podge because someone in this scenario ran out of spray adhesive and thought Mod-Podge might do the trick but realized it was way too moist and was wrinkling the entire half of the map and not adhering AT ALL so she quickly started Mod-Podging the top thinking that might help hold everything down but it made things worse?

Mr. Wonderful had never heard of Mod-Podge, but he used it in a sentence for the first time at about the same moment I took picture of him above:

 “I hate Mod-Podge.”
So much for our easy school room map project.
But we will not be defeated this easily.  Oh no, we will not be defeated.

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