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Chalking it Up

Saturday afternoons are becoming my creative outlet time, and today was no exception.  After returning from an afternoon Christmas program rehearsal, I told the family I needed one hour to release a little stream of creative juice I’d been suppressing since early in the week.

I even promised to start dinner by 5:30pm if I could only. have. one. hour.

At 4:25 I gathered my supplies, kneeled on my bedroom floor with iphone inspiration pictures handy, and went to town chalking up my newly painted chalkboard frame.

By 5:17 she was hanging on the wall.  How’s that for efficiency?

Oh my goodness how much fun this was!

I was inspired by the chalk art of Dana Tanamachi whom I discovered through a blog several months ago.  Just this week I returned to her website after finishing the making of this chalkboard, knowing I wanted to do something special with it.

I pondered for several days what to do, ie what I wanted to say, which text would go where, etc.  After I had my basic idea, Tanamachi’s sight offered several ideas for font and format. 

Then ~ I just went at it 🙂

The frame was a freebie given to me when I bought a dresser earlier this summer. 

Originally a mirror, the glass sported a wide crack all the way across the middle.  After removing the mirror, I painted the frame with homemade white chalk paint, distressed it, then aged it with stain.

Mr. Wonderful and I cut a very thin piece of plywood to fit behind the frame, I painted the board with two coats of black spray-on chalkboard paint, and then Mr. Wonderful secured it to the frame with staples.

You can see Friday’s glimpse of the “empty” board on the far wall while awaiting its true glory.

And now, here it is, making quite a statement from the corner of our living room.  This passage is taken from Matthew 9:38. 

I’m already brainstorming what I’ll chalk for the Christmas season ~ Oh, the possibilities!


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