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A Bit of Burlap

I worked on this little burlap bulletin board project for our school room Saturday afternoon.  So many times when I conquer ideas like this, I basically achieve the look, yet inevitably end up sacrificing function. 

Can you relate?

You have this great idea, then you love how it turns out, but you realize it’s not really working as well as you’d hoped.  But do you discard it?  No way!  You’re going to KEEP it and USE it because, by golly, you MADE the thing!

And it does look good, after all. 

Well, as this project came together, I think I may have achieved both look and function.  Yay!

The downside is that for some reason my server is rejecting the other pictures I took to show the steps.  I have no idea why this is happening. At least you can see the final product.

I’ve always loved these Ballard Designs boards, which were my inspiration. 

Burlap Message Boards

Ballard Designs

If I made another board, I wouldn’t add as much batting underneath the burlap.  I really don’t know what made me feel I needed to do that anyway, because as I look back at the Ballard example, it doesn’t look very puffy.  For some reason, as I worked on mine, I kept thinking it needed to be puffy.

It doesn’t.

Ahhh, live and learn.  I still like how it looks.

Hope to explain the easy process soon as it only took me about half and hour.  Which is no time at all, really. 

Hope you’re enjoying your Monday.  It’s time for my afternoon latte and then some “Black Ships of Troy” read-aloud time with my kids.  I know, it’s rough 🙂


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