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Ticking Stool Slipcover

Every now and then I spot something absolutely adorable, and in my own Minterest way (Mind + Pinterest = Minterest :)) file it away until I have the time and/or the resources to make my own.




Awhile back, Miss Mustard Seed posted this darling ticking slipcovered stool on her blog.  She walks readers through a detailed tutorial about how to sew your own, so I won’t go into those details here.  But as soon as I found a couple $5 stools knocking around town, I attempted my own darling slipcovers.

I started with two basic stools like this one.


I lightly sanded and painted the stools SW Creamy using my homemade chalk paint, then distressed them.  The blue ticking fabric came from Walmart at only $7 per yard, so of course I bought several yards because, well, who doesn’t need ticking fabric lying around for all sorts of fun home projects?

I love how they turned out.  Talk about taking your basic stool to another level of stylish cuteness.


I’ve been styling this wall today in my Studio after a long hiatus from home projects.  The Farmer’s Market sign is identical to the one in our hallway; this one is for sale. I made the white-framed linen board from an old garage sale frame several years ago.  Click here to see how we added wooden planks to make our Farmhouse Table.  The wrought-iron teacher’s bell was a thoughtful gift from my sister back when we were both homeschooling our kids.

Back when they were young.  And moldable.  And quieter.  And not involved in so many outside activities.  And we could spend long hours reading aloud.  And building mini Roman roads out of gravel.  And paint on freezer paper spread across the counter.  And go on Explores in the Hundred Acre wood together.

I miss those days.



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