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Turquoise Dresser

One of those gorgeous Saturday mornings last summer, my sister and I hooked up for a rare, joint garage sale-ing adventure.  We both love to garage sale, but we don’t often indulge together.

When we came across this little dresser, I tried to convince myself it was probably best left behind.

Not only were all the little wooden buttons mismatched (this picture shows the dresser sporting brand new ones),

the front molding had been poorly repaired and was barely hanging on.

This dresser marks the first time I’ve removed a piece of molding on my lonesome, removed all the nails, hauled out our air compressor nailer, and nailed it back on correctly.

No husband’s help or nuttin’.  Made me kinda feel like a rock star.

But really, those two fixes weren’t the bulk of this dresser’s issues.  The drawers ~ all three of them ~ were downright wonky.

I do not tackle wonky drawers on my lonesome.  In truth, I am scared to tackle wonky drawers at all.  Instead, my wonderful husband tends to rescue me in this area, and he opted to replace two of the badly damaged drawer slides. 

Note: My husband IS a rock star.

So after some Embellished Blue, a bit of distressing (okay, more than a bit on this one) and some antiquing stain, I present to you: The Little Blue Dresser That Couldn’t, Now Could:

I left the original hardware on this one.  After staging it in my foyer, I almost caved and kept it. 

Instead, it sold to a former client three minutes after I posted it.  This client is quickly becoming a friend ~ a gifted painter & builder of furniture in his own right, which makes me feel pretty flattered that he’s buying mine.

Blessings on your Monday ~


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