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A Bit of Lewis Carroll

I have been asked several times where my blog name ‘All Mimsy’ originated and whether or not it has significant meaning.

The answer to the second question is no.  All Mimsy, in and of itself, does not have significant meaning, which is the precise reason it suited this blog.

I am one of those people who look for reason & meaning in most everything.  I long to understand the why’s behind events, actions, thoughts, speech.  Most often, once I learn the reason behind something, I am able to accept and process on a different plane.  A more logical plane.  And, usually, a more compassionate plane.

The area of my life in which I create often defies reason and meaning.  At times I am motivated for no other reason than to express an urge deep within.  I do not understand the source of the urge, nor it’s persistency, but I am learning to listen to it more carefully.  I read somewhere that as we age, we become more fully our true selves.  I believe that in my listening, I am hearing my true self more clearly.  It is a process of breaking free from expectations, perceptions, and legalities.  It is an amazing journey.

It makes sense to do the laundry and to clean the floors.  These are important things that, when left undone, affect my family life negatively.  It is reasonable to shop for healthy foods for my family, create an environment of peace in our home, guide and direct my children, be a gentle help to Mr. Wonderful when he needs me, and pursue an intimate relationship with my Creator.  These are all tasks which comprise my daily life and also yield long-term rewards on this earth and—for the majority of them—in heaven.

Creating, decorating, painting, arranging accessories ….many times these delightful pursuits of mine seem almost frivolous in comparison.  Dare I say…in light of eternity…meaningless.

In 1872, Lewis Carroll wrote a poem entitled “Jabberwocky.”  In it, he threads together a string of nonsense words in order to tell a story of a young boy hunting a scary creature.  It is a delightful read. When I used to teach 7th grade English, I would ask my students to create their own poems using Carroll’s as a model, inserting real adjectives and verbs in place of the nonsense.  What wonderful creations they would pen!

And, alas, it is from the first stanza of this delightful poem that I discovered the name for my blog:


`Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe.

All Mimsy is a nonsense expression.  Any meaning or reason associated with ‘All Mimsy’ comes only through the reader’s own perception.  And this simple fact, by my reasoning, is a wonderful springboard for a blogging journey of beauty and inspiration, don’t you agree?

Although I do not fully understand the meaning and reason for my creative urges and bents within, I am more fully embracing the notion that to ignore them in pursuit of more ‘practical ‘endeavors would be imperceptibly sad.

I would be choosing to live my life in common sense black and white, instead of in full spectrum color.

I believe that when we express ourselves in the unique ways God intended and designed, our lives become bright and beautiful living kaleidoscopes, shining and reflecting and expressing His glory.

And for a God who could have made our world very simple and uncreative and uncolorful, but instead chose not to, my lifelong expression of the bright colors He placed within me is just the beginning of my thanks.

And that, dear friends,  is reason enough for me.


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  1. Jody says

    It amazes me that even after being sisters for 30 years I can still learn more about you – and marvel at how alike we are. This statement really spoke to me:
    Although I do not fully understand the meaning and reason for my creative urges and bents within, I am more fully embracing the notion that to ignore them in pursuit of more 'practical 'endeavors would be imperceptibly sad.
    You inspire me more than you will ever know. -Jo

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