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Ethan Allen Table Refinished

Okay, I feel almost sacreligious comparing anything I produce in my dusty garage to renowned furniture mogul Ethan Allen.  Furthermore, I should be extending a gracious thanks instead because working with this beautiful wooden table of theirs the last few days has been immensely gratifying:

When I found this table a year and a half ago (Mr. Wonderful will be SO happy I’m finally working on this one), its 1970’s darkness was hidden under a gray army tarp in a family’s back yard wall tent, one of its edges resting against bare ground, all four legs removed.  It’d been there for quite some time.  The lady was almost giddy when I hauled it away in my Suburban.

I decided to whitewash the top after sanding and stripping and sanding and sanding and sanding.  Those folks at Ethan Allen don’t only start with gorgeous wood, they take their staining step very seriously.  My belt sander (on the left) and my mouse sander became very, very good friends this week.  I already miss them just looking at this picture:

The table isn’t finished yet.  I still need to distress the legs and seal the top well for food service, but it should be ready to go by Sunday.

This afternoon I met Caitlin, a young woman who came to pick up a coffee table she bought from me. We must’ve chatted for an hour in my garage.  About what else?  Furniture. Loads of fun, so thank you, Caitlin, for the inspirational chat and a shared passion ~


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