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Girls Weekend in Kenai

I’m heading to Kenai for the weekend to celebrate a birthday with my what-seems-like life-long friend, Shelli.  So excited because she has a Keurig machine, a very quiet house, and HGTV.

Does it get any better than that??

As I head out the door today, I look around and see so many unfinished projects around here, but I think it’ll be good to get away, take a breather, and gain some fresh perspective.  Be it homeschool or design or life plans, a fresh perspective is always a good thing.

When I return, I’m hoping to tackle the rest of our Master Bedroom makeover.  We still need some pops of color, a few new pieces of bedding, accessories…..all those little things that make it a representation of the M. and me.

Here is a (night-time) picture of our master room Before.  What a difference curtain panels make!

I also want to finally get a map on our school room wall since you’ll recall what a disaster our first map project turned out to be:

And speaking of school, I’m eager to have some time on the plane today to revamp our schedule a bit and implement some new ideas.  The days go by so quickly!  I need alone time to rethink how things are working, what areas need tweaking, and how we can be more efficient and thorough.


My plane leaves in two hours and clothing is still scattered across my bed awaiting an experiment: For the first time ever, can I fit everything into a carry-on?  We’ll soon see.

Blessings on your weekend ~


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