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Seven Audacious Prayers

I did not plan to write this book.

My passion is home design and creating spaces for women to gather and share inspiration.

I did not set out to write my prayers down in a prayer book.

But every now and then you go through a season of life that challenges you.

That pushes you beyond your own limits.

That stretches you to horizons you did not even know existed.

And you recognize, sometimes smack dab in the midst of such a season, that something inside you has changed.

If you are currently raising teenagers, my heart is right there with you. The teen years can be a challenging time of pushing boundaries, miscommunication, questioning, and insecurity.

It can be a time of downright fear, anxiety, and panic for all involved.

I wrote out these prayers one weekend while traveling with my son in Seattle. This book is a compilation of prayers I was currently praying and proclaiming over my own children for specific areas of their lives.

In the last couple of years, I have partnered with a handful of moms requesting prayer for their teens; we would schedule specific days to join together and pray for our kids. It was after such a prayer time that I knew I needed to write these prayers down so other parents could be encouraged and equipped, too.

This book is a selection of warrior prayers. Battle prayers for Identity, Boldness, Maturity, and Audacious Love. Prayers are taken from Scripture itself.

I trust this prayer book will buoy your weary soul and equip you with anointed words straight from God’s Word which promise to accomplish what He desires and achieve the purpose for which He sends them (Isaiah 55:11).

If you have ever felt alone as a parent, hopeless, or in need of an encouraging dose of faith, I pray this ebook will change eternity for both you and your teenager.

In addition, I trust God will use its unintended creation for His glory.


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