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I'm feeling somewhat nostalgic today.  Maybe I'm missing my little girl (she left this morning on a road trip with my mom and will be gone gasp four days).  Maybe my house is way too quiet.  Most likely, though, my being sick for almost an entire week has left me feeling emotionally vulnerable and ...

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My Notebook Post

I've decided that fall is actually my New Year's.  Every fall, inspiration hits to recommit to exercise, schedule engaging family nights, be more intentional about fostering relationships, and wow my familywith  several new, revolutionary, enticing recipes.Ha. We'll see how I do :)I started a new ...

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Planning, Tried & True

Today I thought I'd share with you my method of organizing my to-do list.  I'll warn you in advance: this is not fancy stuff.  But it hit me last night that my planning method has become a system I fall back on over and over again.  And if it consistently works for me, perhaps it is worth sharing ...

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Mid-Summer Passing

August is here.The month when you begin to look back and realize the summer is nearing the fall.  When you suddenly feel the pressure to do all those things you haven't done yet.  The month when you begin to evaluate whether or not your summer has evolved suitably enough to meet your high ...

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That’s Just Beachy

Do ya ever have one of those projects that quite simply gives you fits at every turn?I just finished one of those.  And in spite of all the things that seemed to keep going wrong, as I take a moment to reflect on the process, I can't help but appreciate the story this dresser could tell.Which ...

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Favorite Green & Apologies

PART ONEI've come to the conclusion I'm not a very good blogger.  I don't post consistently.Sometimes I don't respond when others graciously visit my blog and leave supportive, kind comments.I throw ideas around, but then don't always follow through in a later post.And I'm sorry.See, when I first ...

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Reflection for 2012

The first day of 2012.  A brand new year.I'm sitting here in the office surrounded by piles of receipts, candy wrappers, items I plan to mail to Afghanistan for my brother, kids' thank you notes in need of envelopes, and an empty water bottle that needs to be filled...again.  (However, I'm sipping ...

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Up for the Challenge

Elsewhere in the world today, fall's bright leaves still bring a gasp of wonder.  Cheeks are still nipped by a crisp coolness in the air.  Grass still grows, and pumpkins don't freeze.But not in Alaska.In Alaska, we have snow.  Everywhere. Yet, as always, it is magical.Yesterday afternoon it came ...

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