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Whitewash & Walnut Stain Console Table

What a beautiful weekend. Sister sleepover with pedicures Saturday night, pizza with family after church this afternoon, and a newly painted console table. Does it get any better? :-) My three kids spent the night with my sister Friday night, and with Mr. Wonderful away on a snowmachine ...

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A Few Tidbits

I just wanted to pop in and say hi. And also to say that I'm excited about a couple things that happened this week. The most meaningful thing came in the form of you, my readers.  Three of you approached me this week and shared with me that All Mimsy has inspired you to dig out your own ...

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A Good Coffee?

I do so love me a good caramel latte. No, I am not talking about the coffee.  I am talking about paint. Oh, what a difference paint can make.  I spent some time Friday transforming a few pieces around the house with my new favorite color spray paint, Krylon's Caramel Latte.  After four picture ...

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Vignette and Update on Hallway

Unlike I promised last post, this post will not be showing my bathroom re-do yet but I assure you it will come soon! :-) I'm back :-) Can you believe I'm still working on painting my hallway? Yes, it's true.  With Mr. Wonderful's surgery, a daughter with strep throat, wrapping up our Bible ...

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The Power of Pink

Hot pink has never been one of my favorite colors. I will concede it has its place, and a splash of pink here and there can make quite a statement.  After my daughter was born, our loads of laundry welcomed doses of hot pink to counteract all the blue, khaki, and green my boys so often wore.  It ...

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Ballard Designs with a Twist

I finished a small project today.   It's one of those little projects that tickles me because I was able to repurpose something I already owned and make it "new." Several years ago I purchased one of these 2-pocket embossed organizers from Ballard Designs... ...only mine has the ...

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My First Whoopie Pie

My delightfully crafty sister, Jody, passed on a Whoopie Pie recipe to me around Christmas time. Can you believe I actually purchased Marshmallow Creme for the first time after reading through the ingredient list?  I wonder if southerners would be horrified:  One of my favorite bloggers, Shelley ...

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A First Step

The day has finally arrived and I find myself fighting off butterflies as I type my very first post. Once I actually sat down to design my very elementary blog and to figure out the details of posting, I was pleasantly surprised how fun it was.  I posted several pictures up and down the sides to ...

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