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Personal Affirmation 2013

Although I rarely set New Year's Resolutions, the start of a new year always prompts me to reflect on what I'm currently doing well, what needs tweaking, and where my life is headed. For me, this always turns into a personal assessment and subsequent plan for every area: personal ...

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Notes for Me

Last fall my little girl started first grade.  The most beautiful thing happened as her reading and writing skills soared: Little notes...left for me...all over the house. "I missed you, Mom" left on the kitchen counter when I return from Bible study. "Quiet, Mommy sleeping" left on my door ...

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The Details

In my last post, I quoted the line from a design magazine: "God is in the details." I didn't elaborate, but my context was accessorizing and how often we stop short in this area for numerous reasons such as laziness, lack of inspiration, fear, or indecision. However, because the God I serve is ...

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A Bit of Lewis Carroll

I have been asked several times where my blog name 'All Mimsy' originated and whether or not it has significant meaning. The answer to the second question is no.  All Mimsy, in and of itself, does not have significant meaning, which is the precise reason it suited this blog. I am one of those ...

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Update and Cherished Words

I have so missed All Mimsy this week. I spent last weekend in Anchorage with some very fun shopping buddies (my own little Amaya being one of them, since we celebrated her 6th birthday while there).  Although I had compiled quite a shopping list of items, clothing was unfortunately scooted to the ...

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