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Striped Walls and Pillows

I’ve been working on a few small things around the house the last several weeks.  Seems like little projects are all I have time for lately, so I try to jump on them when my fancy strikes.

Remember I completed this gallery wall in our stairway in February? As you can see, our stairway turns 90 degrees halfway up (see that bare wall at the top?)

I didn’t want to continue the gallery wall onto it as that seemed like too much, but the wall was beginning to really pout and whine because it didn’t feel as classy as its bigger brother.

After brainstorming for several days, I did what I always do when all else fails:  paint.

Painting a pattern on a wall is a creative and inexpensive solution in lieu of wall decor.  In this case, I chose to paint stripes.

Here’s another view looking down from the top:

When I first pulled out my painting supplies, I had every intention of painting wide horizontal stripes on this wall (love this look!), but because my gallery wall is more formal than cottagey, I decided the vertical stripes would be a better complement.

I liked them so much, I ‘striped’ our command center wall at the top as well.

I really like how the continuity of the striped walls guide you up the stairs.

Our calendar/folder/intercom wall got a makeover as well.  I painted and distressed the calendar frame (it was originally black), repainted the folder pockets (originally from Ballard Designs) in SW Pussywillow (the same color as the stripes), and dry-brushed them with white.

I found the drawer pulls in a pack of two at Michael’s and love the rustic anitiquity they add to the folder pockets.  I used Gorilla Glue to glue them on, then inserted little slips of paper inside marked “family” and “stuff.”

I also repainted the little buttoned house on this plaque I received from my sister back on Christmas Day, 2006.  I LOVE it.  The little house used to be red, so a coat of Pussywillow paint tied it in better with my house.  I also added a burlap bow because, after all, burlap just makes everything better.

I still need to find a rustic box or something to fill the space below the intercom ( yes, we use this 80’s-era intercom every day and are quite thankful it came with the house!).  I need something to hold markers and the eraser for our calendar; I just haven’t found quite the thing yet.

And last but not least, I came across two $10 grainsack pillows at Burlington Coat Factory in Anchorage last weekend.  $10 pillows!!  I haven’t decided what to do with them yet ~ so many options with pillows like this ~ but for now I propped them on my two dining room end chairs.

Fireman is not amused.

I think his exact words were: “We have more pillows in this house than any 10 homes should have!”

Okay, won’t argue there.  I certainly won’t.

But does it help if he keeps in mind I would rather buy a $10 pillow than a $100 pair of shoes?

Somehow it seems like that should make it okay.  Better, maybe.


I offered him a latte instead and he settled down pretty quick.  He’s an extremely good sport most days so I can’t give him too much guff.

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