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Sleigh Bed in Beige Shadow & Canyoneering

Happy Monday to all!  I walked onto our deck this morning and knew immediately something was different.

It smelled like spring….

It felt like spring….

Oh please, Lord, can it finally be SPRING?

And of course as soon as I smelt and felt and hoped for spring in the air, my energy surged and everywhere I looked I wanedt to tackle a project.  Organize the shop for my hubby while’s he’s gone this week and surprise him?  Sure!  Repaint the family room downstairs?  Sure!  Tackle the two new dressers I recently purchased?  Sure!  Finally finish hanging the window treatment in my bathroom?  Sure!

Oh yeah, and make sure my kids get their homeschool done today?  Not so sure 🙂

Only, there’s no way I can do all these things in one day, so hi-ho-…..hi-ho….it’s off to PRIORITIZING I go.

Before I began anything else, I worked on finishing this sleigh bed for a client named Melanie.  This piece took me 7 hours to finish…LOTS of surface area here. I just applied the final coat of poly this morning and will let it dry and cure a couple days before I send it home.



It’s a pretty bed, custom built for Melanie’s mother 27 years ago.  Melanie’s request was for the dresser and bed to be finished in a color close to Annie Sloan’s French Linen.  I found an almost identical match with Valspar’s Beige Shadow and just made my own chalk paint with it.  Here’s the dresser I painted for her a couple weeks ago.

Melanie plans to change the dresser hardware to a more rustic, wrought iron black.  After showing me pictures online from Restoration Hardware and Anthropologie, it was apparent Melanie has great taste.  I so wish I could see the finished look.

Here’s the before picture of her sleigh bed headboard.

And the finished bed complete with footboard and side rails.
Melanie’s family is military and the movers are scheduled to arrive on May 14th to pack them up for warmer temperatures.  As much as I’d love to see these pieces in a finished bedroom, it probably won’t happen this time.
I hope they get 27 more years of pleasure from this beautiful set ~
Oh, and did I mention I went CANYONEERING for the first time last week??
Ummm….yeah!  That’s ME rappelling off a 150′ cliff in Moab, UT, celebrating my sister’s 40th birthday.
Which I think makes me an official canyoneerer now.
I HIGHLY recommend this fairly new sport combining hiking, rappelling and canyon exploration into one crazy – fun adventure. A great way to celebrate many years with an amazing sister.
From a surfing adventure in Maui for my 40th birthday two years ago….


…to exploring the canyons of Moab for hers….
…I can’t wait to see what Steph and I will do when we’re 50.  Bring it on!
Love you, Steph,

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  1. simplydreaming says

    I love it so much! I will send pictures with it all set up but it may have to wait until we set up our new home the beginning of July! That you so much for taking on the projects for me! My daughter claimed the nightstand for herself so it will now be going in her room:)

  2. motifbrophy says

    Gorgeous! I love all of your refinishing projects. It's an enjoyable hobby for me when I can find the time to do it, but I have some learning to do. And I'm SUPER impressed by the canyoneering! What an adventure.

  3. Jaimee says

    So happy to be able to do these pieces for you. No pressure to send final staged pictures of course, but we bloggers love those! 🙂

  4. Jaimee says

    Thank you, Shannon! I'm also loving the look of your blog these days ~ an area in which I still have LOTS of learning to do. Painting seems to come more naturally to me than websites.
    Canyoneering, and Moab itself, were both stunning. So thankful we had the opportunity to go!

  5. Jaimee says

    Interestingly, 40 has been the best decade yet. I'll be eager to see if your experience is similar. So far, nothing to fear 🙂

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