Home Styling


You may have seen my advertisement on Instagram or Facebook, or maybe I’ve enjoyed the privilege of styling your home already.  Either way, if you did NOT know it yet, Home Styling is something I do! Home Styling is rewarding in so many ways.  Even more fun than styling my own home!  I’ve recognized that connecting with clients in person rather than exclusively online is the desire of my heart (hello, two hour conversation in my garage with the wonderful lady who purchased my turquoise dresser!).  After hosting two Vintage Markets last summer and several workshops in my Studio, this desire only grew.  However, determining how to balance my teaching schedule with continued All Mimsy Home commitments continued to be a consideration. This summer, several loose pieces began falling into place in my heart and mind.  I listened to podcasts like Jenna Kutcher’s Goal Digger, Rachel Hollis’s Rise, Christy Wright’s…