My goodness, I am so delighted you are here.  I picture you there at your laptop, or curled up in bed with your smartphone, cozy in your lounge clothes and sipping a favorite beverage. How I would love to meet you!  To listen to your stories…to hear about your husband and your children, to coo over your pets and share coffee in that sweet place you call home.

You are welcome here.

I am Jaimee and I love so very many things.  I love reading profound writing, staying up late with a dear friend, quipping 20-year-old movie lines with  my husband as our kids roll their eyes, and walking barefoot through just-cut grass in the cool of an Alaskan summer evening.

I love Jesus Christ because He has pursued me relentlessly since I was eight years old and has not once let me go.

I love teaching English to 9th and 10th graders almost as much as I love the students themselves.  It’s grueling work, but I hope my students know how much I believe in them, desire the very best for them, and trust God is breathing on them each and every day through my prayers.

Finally, as anyone who knows me even a little can attest, I love everything about a beautiful home.  What began as an interest in my late 20’s has blossomed into a passion that speaks my love language.  The art of design is a continual challenge to me, and I am so thankful for a patient husband who understands me enough to tolerate my constant DIY projects and nesting.  Interior design is a craft, one I am continually honing and perfecting between other life pursuits.  When in the midst of painting a dresser or styling a shelf, I wholeheartedly relate to world-famous sprinter Eric Liddell when he proclaimed in Chariots of FIre, “When I run, I feel God’s pleasure.”

When I create art in my home, I feel the same way.  My hope in writing this blog is to inspire you to gather those items you already have, acquire a few additional items you love or believe have potential, and jump in alongside as we get a little dirt under our fingernails and a splash of paint in our hair.  With some brainstorming, laughter, and a few shots of espresso, you truly have everything it takes to create a beautiful home that reflects your style, your heart, and your story.  Are you in?

I just know we could be very dear friends.