A few weeks back I shared some updates I was making to the command center wall in our kitchen:  I painted stripes on the wall, repainted the plaque from my sister, and changed the border of the dry-erase calendar from black to an antiqued cream.

I mentioned that I needed a box or container for holding the markers and eraser that we use regularly for the calendar, so I’ve been keeping my eyes open for something to fit that space above the file folders ever since.  A couple days ago I found my solution at JoAnn’s.

When I saw this unfinished box, I knew it would be just the right size to fit above the file folders and to the right of the light switch.  I was worried it might stick out too far from the wall, but the charming mesh sides swooned me enough to go with it.

I sanded the box down lightly to smooth the rough edges, then painted it with Rust-Oleum Chalkboard paint.  I don’t plan to use chalk on it; the Rust-Oleum was simply paint I had on hand in the right color and finish.

After the paint dried, I lightly distressed the edges to bring out the unfinished wood underneath.

Lastly, I sprayed it with Minwax Satin poly to give it a finished look, and screwed drywall screws through the back mesh to secure it to the wall.

I added a small jelly jar to corral the markers, and you can just make out the eraser sitting in there, too.  I couldn’t have found a better-sized solution!

I also added a DEPOT sign I found at a garage sale last weekend.  It fits perfectly with my train depot clock which I’ve had for years, and denotes the very real coming-and-going of our calendar’s schedule these days.  Interesting aside: This sign is actually from the  Firefighter/Train collection of a very well-knows fireman in this area who passed away a few years back.  He was highly regarded in the fire community and throughout the town, so it is an honor to display one of his old pieces in our home!

I realized as I was posting these pictures that I overlooked writing my nephew’s name Ryan on June 23rd, his birthday!  We have so many family birthdays in June and July it can be hard to remember everyone each month ~ so sorry, Ryan!  Your name will be written as soon as I finish this post 🙂

May your weekend be filled with peace and fearless discovery ~



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