In my last post, I quoted the line from a design magazine: “God is in the details.”

I didn’t elaborate, but my context was accessorizing and how often we stop short in this area for numerous reasons such as laziness, lack of inspiration, fear, or indecision.

However, because the God I serve is such an immense God, full of glory and might and power, something in me rebels at the thought of reducing Him to accessories in a room.  The truth is, He will not be reduced by me or anyone else, no matter how hard we try.

As I ponder this quote more fully, I can’t help but appreciate the truth it holds far beyond home decor.

The truth of the matter is this: God IS in the details.  The details of our very lives.

Every coincidence, every leaf, each and every bird, a breeze at just the right moment, a cup of coffee with a friend, a smiling child running into one’s arms, a full bank account, a joyful laugh with your spouse.

Beautiful, exquisite details so far beyond this material world.

Thank you, dear God, for being Lord of every detail in my life.



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