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A Good Coffee?

I do so love me a good caramel latte.

No, I am not talking about the coffee.  I am talking about paint.

Oh, what a difference paint can make.  I spent some time Friday transforming a few pieces around the house with my new favorite color spray paint, Krylon’s Caramel Latte.  After four picture frames, one framed print, and a gilded mirror, I finally forced myself to sit down and calmly place the Caramel Latte on a shelf.  I was afraid I might start painting the car next 🙂

I purchased these picture frames one at a time at Michael’s several months back using one 40% off coupon after another.  They were a bit too spendy without the coupon, but I loved them and wanted to call them mine:

No, that is not me and Mr. Wonderful pictured in the frame 🙂

My initial plan was to hang a collage with them in my bathroom, but while in the process of painting the hallway, I was inspired to use them there instead.  One problem:  I didn’t want black frames in my hallway, but the size and matting were ideal.  Solution?  You guessed it: paint.

I’ve found that if I’m going to get out my painting throws and set up a space in the garage to paint, it’s good to look around and see what else I can paint at the same time.  I decided to paint a gold mirror ($15 garage sale find from last summer) and my recently purchased artwork along with the frames:


(Do you see the lamb blanket on the floor?  I “borrowed” it from my college roommate Allison 20 years ago and never gave it back 🙂  If she sees this picture she’ll probably call and lecture me because it was one of her favorites. Sorry, Al~)
The print, as expected, was a bit challenging to “tape off.”  There was a one inch gap between the canvas and the edge of the frame.  The idea came to me to stuff plastic grocery sacks into the worked great 🙂  What is that quote:  ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’?  In this case, necessity was the mother of innovation.
Of course I primed everything with my Kilz spray primer:

Then finished with a couple coats of my Caramel Latte:


Look at the difference on that mirror!  I think I actually heard angels singing 🙂

This paint, dear readers, was the hero of the evening:


I can hardly wait to get these wonderfully transformed pieces on my walls.

Good night.


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  1. When I read caramel latte I said to myself “WHAT?” I thought you had a new favorite. I was right. Your frames look great. I can't wait to see it them on the wals.

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